cantine belisario vino



Established in 1971, the company now has 300 hectares of vineyards and a cellar with a capacity of 30,000 hectoliters. All the vineyards are located close to the winery in the Upper Esina Valley.
This particular location is what differentiates the Belisario wines, with its continental climate—with temperature ranges due to the valley’s north-south position closed to the Adriatic’s mitigating breezes to the east—and a Mediterranean one (43rd parallel) for its solarization. This microclimate establishes a vast collection of wine aromas, complete conservation of the acidic heritage, a physiologically limited production, and a full, sometimes extreme ripening. This complex ecosystem cannot be repeated or reproduced, thus controlling the value, pride, and primary responsibility as it is a style, not a fashion trend.
Cantine Belisario places particular emphasis on the labels produced. Each has specific vineyards and winemaking methods. As a result, each wine has a clearly defined plan that starts from the vineyard plantings and continues with the selection of grapes, musts, and wines. Hence, the highest-quality wine is achieved, and customer expectations, in particular, are completely satisfied.